Chemical Resistant Paint

Epoxy has a brilliant thermal, electrical and chemical resistance and has been thoroughly tested on a wide range of chemicals for its resistant qualities.

Chemical resistant coatings and epoxy flooring prevent corrosive damage and are widely used in kitchens, laboratories, food processing plants and provide long-lasting protection to storage tanks. For the latter, thorough immersion testing is often conducted over many years.

Epoxy compounds are also utilised in medical devices, chemical piping and in chemical processing plants and are usually formulated to customised requirements that may include resistance to: water, fuel, acid, solvents, sterilization, alcohols and acids.

Epoxy has excellent resistance to a broad range of common chemicals that includes acetic acid and diesel oil. However, it is not recommended for all chemicals. To give some indication, its resistant properties to a few other chemicals are highlighted, although, for more information, extensive charts can be found online. These chemicals include: acetone (not recommended); ammonia (excellent); barium sulphate (fair); beer (excellent); carbonic acid (good); calcium carbonate (excellent); copper nitrate (excellent); Fluorine gas (not recommended);  hydrochloric acid (not recommended); jet fuel (excellent); nitric acid (not recommended); mercury (excellent); sodium cyanide (excellent); sulphuric acid (fair); and turpentine (good).

Chemical-resistant epoxy coatings are of benefit to flooring that is subject to corrosive chemical spills and solvents, which not only corrode a surface but may also stain it.

A high-gloss epoxy enamel floor and wall coating has good chemical resistance and can be used in dairies, breweries, processing plants, hospitals and schools. Science laboratories at schools benefit from an application of epoxy resin to their work surfaces. The epoxy coating also provides general protection in places that process steel, timber and machinery.

Chemical-resistant epoxies have a long life, are easy to clean, come in a range of attractive colours, have good adhesive qualities and are resistant to weathering.

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