Concrete Protection and Its Advantages

Your concrete and its lifetime could be affected by many factors.
Like weathering by rain and frost. Other factors include chemicals
emitted by industries, sewage, animal and vegetable oils, etc.
A concrete floor has the tendency to become very porous resulting in
damage to the structure. This is where these sealants come into play
and safeguard the structure enhancing its aesthetics and also its life.

Concrete protection adds to the aesthetics the floors and enhances the structural integrity.
Resulting in hugely reduced maintenance and repair costs. The overall environmental safety
also increases. If it is a commercial place, then the chances of accidents and injuries
are minimised which leads to employee safety.

We provide Waterproofing and concrete sealing backed by Vandex (Part of The RPM Group)
which is the worldwide registered trademark for a range of professional construction chemical
products for waterproofing, protection and repair of concrete and for building protection. Euclid Range
Waterproofing gives some more benefits and makesĀ  floors look glossier and shinier.
The floor looks very sleek but that is not done at the cost of its toughness.
It is still very tough and always tougher than the other cement work.
The main reason for this waterproofing being popular is because it gives a good look but it
also keeps the water from damaging either the interior or the exterior of the floor.

The chances of cracks on the surface are minimised and it also makes the surface more abrasive.
Though waterproofing might sound and look special, the floor does not require any special
prepping up before the procedure or any special maintenance even after the treatment.
The surface becomes impermeable and dust accumulation floors is negligible.
Likewise, there are many more advantages or benefits of concrete protection and if you want
your floor to look brand new even after a few years, then you must seriously think of getting it protected and waterproofed.

Stain Resistant Protection for Concrete
Product Description:
UltraGuard is a water-based polymeric protectant
that improves the appearance and durability of
concrete floors – including those that have been
integrally coloured, stained or dyed.
UltraGuard contains a powerful, migratory stainresistant
additive that is activated with high-speed
burnishing. As a result the material is well suited
to application in retail outlets, grocery stores and
UltraGuard is additionally fortified with lithium
silicate, which further enhances the durability and
hardness of the concrete surface.
UltraGuard can be used alone or in combination
with a reactive sealer such as UltraSil Li+ to give
concrete floors a glossy finish, harder surface and
protective seal.

concrete protection

Product Benefits

  • Water-based, low odor, low VOC formulation
  • Will not contaminate foodstuffs
  • Provides concrete surfaces with excellent stain resistance
  • Provides instant gloss to concrete floors once burnished

Application Suitability

  • Interior concrete floors
  • Commercial and retail floors
  • Distribution centres
  • Institutional floors
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Schools