Concrete Sealers

Although concrete is a dense and strong building material, it is still subject to wear and tear. Given this, those building their houses who intend to use concrete in most surfaces would do well to take the necessary steps in making sure that the concrete is mixed well and that proper maintenance is undertaken. One very effective way to maintain and lengthen the life span of a concrete surface is to use concrete sealers, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of scaling or flaking.

Using concrete sealers

Due to the fact that water can still seep into concrete and cause deterioration such as scaling especially during snow season, there is a need to “water-proof” concrete surfaces so that water would not seep into the pores of the surface. One effective way to do this is to use concrete sealers, which are substances that would either create a film over a concrete surface or would penetrate and absorb in the concrete to plug the pores. Sealers can be used on a number of surfaces, wherein it serves different purposes. For horizontal surfaces, sealers protect against oil stains, moisture, road salts and dust. For vertical surfaces, sealers strengthen mortar joints and improve paint adhesion. For surfaces that are frequently used, sealers reduce wear and tear.

Other benefits

Apart from being able to protect concrete surfaces from various factors that can cause deterioration, using concrete sealers have other benefits as well. One of these is the reduction of health risks that may be caused by concrete surfaces that are not waterproof. These encourage the growth of algae, which could cause people to slip on these surfaces. Another added benefit is that using concrete sealers reduces the chances of incurring costs on repair or in resurfacing services.

One of the best ways to maintain concrete surfaces is to use concrete sealers. This is because using them does not only protect and increase the life of concrete surfaces but it also offers other benefits such as reduced health risks for those who use them. Given this, it can be expected that more and more homeowners would make the decision to use concrete sealers in their homes.

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