Self Levelling Epoxy Flooring Experts, like Epoxy is usually used in industrial & commercial areas where a smooth seamless finish is required in specific spaces, like warehouses, production lines, loading bays, storerooms, offices and any work area.
Self Levelling Epoxy flooring can also be used in pedestrian traffic regions and may require varying levels of slip resistance, depending on whether it is a dry or wet environment.
Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, food, chemical, beverage and electronics industries have incredibly demanding hygienic standards. These industries require smooth surfaces which  dust free and easy to clean floors, without angled or cracks corners.

Coating with an Epoxy resin floor will offer heavy-duty surfaces that are ideal for nearly all industrial settings and can be used where a seamless epoxy resin flooring solution is necessary.
Moreover, the epoxy resin flooring is easy to clean, and are solvent free and will not contaminate surrounding foodstuffs. There is very little  contain odour during application.
They have many beneficial features, like slip resistant, chemical resistance, non-dusting plus,
etc.self levelling flooring


Where a seamless flooring solution is required the Flowseal SL is one of the most popular amongst our range of flooring products. This product is one among the highest selling products within the range of the epoxy floor coatings. Flowseal SL is one of the most popular options for industrial areas, owing to its heavy-duty properties and seamless resin  finish. In addition, it has an extended life expectancy even with the heavy traffic  found in warehouses and other industrial settings.

Generally, self levelling flooring are required to resist extreme conditions. Usually, floors of any business will experience an elevated level of stress day by day.

They are also required to meet high standards of work-related safety and have to appear well even in demanding situations.
Polyurethane flooring is tremendously reliable in this application. Because this type of flooring shows an excellent abrasion resistance. This polyurethane flooring has great impact and an excellent chemical resistance and pressure resistance. Furthermore, the flooring is good for Lighting and has great resistance to all types of weather. They are the ideal flooring for joint less application, and they act as a superior crack bridging. Usually self levelling polyurethane flooring layers may be over coated with appropriate sealers .
For many applications, supplementary or other products might be employed. The recommendation of the product counts largely on the exact requirements in your particular environment.
We are flooring experts in the industry, and will assist you to select the most appropriate product.