Commercial Polyurethane Flooring systems

Commercial Polyurethane Flooring for Commerce. Hygienic, seamless flooring systems are ideal for shops and offices in commercial environments.

There are many types of epoxy floor coatings. See which type of epoxy floor coating would suit your type of premises or contact us for assistance. Commercial polyurethane flooring is ideal for retail and wholesale environments.

Commercial flooring products supplied and installed by Epoxyman combine colour and performance to provide a strong floor finish suitable for various commercial venues and retail environments…

Our unique range of flooring products includes our gloss finish self-smoothing epoxy flooring systems, like Peran SL Fruity, which is available in a mix of citrus colours to create an eye-catching surface underfoot.

For more colour in demanding environments, look at Peran Comfort, a polyurethane resin coating offering chemical resistance and UV stability.

Subdued earth tones and shades are also available in the Flowcem Naturals range, a natural epoxy cement composite designed to bring cool, glamour to of any modern environment.

Our unique Flooring systems are perfect for retail outlets and shopping centres. Not only does it offer a choice of seamless resin finishes it comes backed by a full warranty.

Delivering performance flooring to a wide-range of Retail environments including:
•Shopping Malls
•Department Stores
•Fashion Boutiques
•Retail Units
•Car Parks
•Service Areas

No matter what the requirements of your retail environment, we will assist you. contact us today for an assessment of your  flooring requirements

Commercial Polyurethane Flooring
Polyurethane flooring

Product NameTypeDescription & Use Data Sheet
Flowchem VE RCVinyl Ester CoatingA roller coat viny! ester resin based coating system, with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance. Applied between 0.5mm and 1 mm thick
Vinyl ester
A hand or sprayed applied
viny! ester resin based
glass fibre reinforced
lining system with
outstanding chemicai,
thermal and mechanical
resistance. Applied up to
3mm thick.
Flowchem VE
Vinyi ester
resin screed
A vertical / horizontal
trowel applied vinyl ester
resin based screed system with excellent chemical
and mechanical resistance.
Applied approximately
5mm thick.
typical boutique floors

epoxy commercial boutiques