Introduction to Hygiene Paint

Hygiene Paint has become an issue of growing commercial interest. The control of harmful micro-organisms in the community may incur costs exceeding 2 billion euro per annum and collateral costs from illness and product spoilage could far exceed this value.

hygiene coatings

Avoiding infection from surface contact is vital in particular environments, for example: See Bacteria mould Fungi and Yeast

  • hospitals
  • pharmaceutical
  • hotels
  • bakeries
  • catering establishments
  • schools
  • military
  • food retail chains
  • food producers
  • food storage
  • sport centres
  • dairies
  • breweries
  • care homes
  • schools
  • institutions
  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • animal husbandry
  • aquaculture
  • SHE, Legislation

Harmful microbes respect no boundaries. Wherever we go, they go. Flowcrete’s Flowfresh
represents a new generation of performance flooring based on the use of silver in partnership
with Polygiene®
The science is based on an amino compound constantly emitting ions of silver that kills
bacteria that settles on the surface of the floor.

Hygiene paint

Silver is a natural element renowned for its ability to purify and protect from bacterial
infections – and provides an attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to chemically
manufactured anti microbials.
It offers total protection. A continuous migration of silver ions delivered to the contact surface
from where they attack gram positive and gram negative bacteria and viruses.
The process remains active throughout the lifetime of the floor, even when damaged or worn,
unlike coatings or surface treatments.
Good hygiene practices help to prevent spreading but are not entirely reliable. Polygiene®
offers additional protection and significant benefits for all environments where hygiene is of
the utmost importance.
Polygiene® Technology – Killing Microbes on Contact

Hygiene paint must conform to government requirements so that sanitary standards and safety are ensured. Epoxy hygiene coatings are available in several formulations. High-solid epoxies are best for areas exposed to acids and alkalis. Self-levelling epoxy systems are a great choice for clean-room flooring and use a 100% solids binder that is blended with an aggregate. For areas exposed to chemicals and high temperatures, a type of epoxy flooring known as RT 6mm is a good choice.

Product NameTypeDescription & Use Data Sheet
Deckshield ED &IDSolvent free polyurethane coatingFlexible and durable car park decking system available for top deck and intermediate car park decks.
129 YCement modifierAdmixture for cementitious waterproofing and screed toppings. Improves adhesion compressive and flexural strength and water resistance.
IvoflexAcrylic waterproofingAcrylic waterproofing Waterproofing system for concrete and metal roofs and flashings.
Conrep RepelSilane Siloxane water repellentWaterproofing and concrete brick masonry surfaces.
Hygiene Paint