Cleaning chemicals.Environment friendly water soluble .

Our cleaning chemicals are environmentally friendly and water soluble, although a good rinsing with copious amounts of water is usually necessary, due to the products being highly concentrated.

Cleaning chemicals and concentrated acid etch can be used for any DIY application, or where a diamond grinder has proven to be uneconomical. We have a wide range of cleaning products, so please look at the chart below to find the one that is most suited to your needs, or you may be able to pinpoint the one you need in the descriptive text:
Kwikshine is an acrylic sealer that has a wide range of applications, as it provides a durable protective dressing for all types of flooring systems, be they linoleum, vinyl, plastic, rubber, sealed cork, concrete, slasto, terrazzo or asphalt. With the application of Kwikshine, high-traffic areas will get that much-needed protection, look attractive for a longer period and the lifespan of the flooring system will be extended.
BioRemove is a degreaser with concentrated grease-cutting properties. As such, it functions as an industrial detergent and is highly effective, both for small and large cleaning jobs.
Another cleaning chemical that possesses excellent grease-cutting properties is the liquid detergent Remove. Like BioRemove, it is also highly concentrated. Remove is a free-rinsing liquid detergent that has proven to be a versatile and popular product.
Another liquid detergent in our range, Galyprep, has been especially designed for effective cleaning of galvanised iron in particular.
One Shot is a cleaning chemical that has been formulated to remove industrial fat, blood and oil. It is a liquid detergent and caustic based floor cleaner.
Water soluble brush cleaner (WSBC) is a solvent that is a water miscible, free-rinsing cleaner and conditioner that is most suited for use on tools and brushes. Like all of our cleaning products, it is kind on the environment.

Good rinsing with copious amounts of water is essential

ProductTypeDescription & use Data Sheets
Ivory 318/30Epoxy pourable groutFor grouting under machine bases, raiichairs, grouting bolts.
Ivory 328Epoxy tile groutWater wipeable tile grout for chemical resistant tile joints.
Flowcem VSVertical skim
epoxy topping
A water dispersed epoxy modified cement sealing mortar
Ivory Conrep
CementitiousA water dispersable cementitious powder used for concrete repair priming. and
Ivory Conrep
SF 65
Cementitious groutA Flowable non-shrink cementitious grout for tank and machine bases.
Ivory Conrep
Super plaster
Cementitious mortarRapid cure, 3OmPa in 24 hours. Ready to use multipurpose repair mortar. Rapid floor or stairway repair.