Chemical Resistant Epoxy Linings |acid resistant linings

are required for Many types of structures, be they made of wood, steel or concrete, need to be protected from the abrasive activity of chemicals, food, water and the air in order to extend their lives.
Plant and equipment are also subject to wear and tear, while even steel gets eroded by harsh liquids. Concrete may also need to be shielded from chemical attack, and wood will always need a protective coat.
These products will give a protective coat:
Ivory 31 7 Hi Wear is an epoxy wear lining with a system that contains graded ceramic fillers. The application of epoxy linings at various thicknesses will guard plant and equipment against abrasion.
Ivory 31 7 LV Wearcote is a wear-resistant epoxy coating to protect steel surfaces from being eroded by abrasive liquids and slurries. Wearcote also has a brushable viscosity.
Ivory 338 LR, a highly chemical-resistant epoxy resin, is used as a coating or glass-reinforced laminate to protect concrete and steel structures from chemical attack.
Ivory 340 is a solvent-free epoxy coating that provides a protective internal lining for oil and fuel storage tanks. In short, it protects steel in harsh chemical environments and provides a vapour proof coating for polystyrene insulation.
Ivory 340 FG is a solvent-free, food grade epoxy coating that serves as a lining for concrete and steel structures in contact with food or potable water.
Ivory 340/5/LV has a low viscosity and is an epoxy resin that penetrates wood and concrete surfaces.
Ivory 348 is a moisture tolerant epoxy resin for use with glass reinforcing, silica fillers or as a primer on high moisture surfaces and in humid conditions.
Ivory 366 is an epoxy primer with zinc phosphate and used on ferrous metal surfaces.

Flowguard HB Primer is a surface tolerant epoxy primer. It is also a high solid, surface tolerant anti-corrosive metal primer.

chemical resistant epoxy linings

ProductTypeDescription and use Data Sheets
Concrete EtchantAcid CleanerConcentrated acid cleaner and etchant for masonry and concrete surfaces.
KwikshineAcrylic sealerProtective and decorative dressing for linoleum, vinyl, plastic, rubber, sealed cork, concrete, siasto, terrazzo and asphalt flooring systems.
Epoxy ThinnersSolventCleaning and thinning epoxy.
GalvprepLiquid detergentSpecialised cleaning solution for galvanised iron.
One ShotLiquid detergentIndustrial caustic based floor cleaner. Ideal for removing fat, blood, oil etc.
RemoveLiquid detergentHighly concentrated, versatile, free rinsing liquid detergent with good grease cutting properties.
W.S.B.CSolventWater miscible free rinsing tool and brush cleaner and conditioner.
BioRemoveDegreaserConcentrated, biodegradeable industrial detergent with degreasing and grease cutting properties