Why epoxy and why you should use an Epoxy System

  • An epoxy system has the following features.

  • Safety – Employees are far more likely to suffer trips, slips, and falls if your floor is cracked, pitted or uneven. If this is a public area of your facility, your customers might also injure themselves. EIC can provide the solution. Repairing and levelling your floor will make it safe for your customers and employees. Coating it with an epoxy flooring system that is textured, skid and moisture resistant epoxy will further enhance your floor’s safety.
  •  Environment – Damaged floors and  will allow hazardous chemicals and bacteria to penetrate the substrate. This is environmentally unsound, but it may also violate SHE regulations. EIC can repair and seal your floors so that chemicals neither penerate, or damage, your concrete.
  • Cracking and pitting are sure signs that your concrete floor is aging. Once they start,  the deterioration of your floor hastens. When EIC repairs and protects your floor, we prevent any further deterioration, adding many years to the life expectancy.
  •  Cleanliness  – In many factories and warehouses, quality control depends on strict hygiene regime standards. Dust will make meeting these standards very difficult. EIC can repair  your existing flooring, then use a suitable coating to prevent dust and chemical penetration thus optimizing production.
  •  Aesthetics – Stained and cracked  floors just don’t look good, especially where your customers have access. The appearance of your premises is, to your staff and customers, a reflection on how you honour your business. EIC promises an attractive result . . .clean, level floors, epoxy or  polyurethane coated for a prestigious finish. Your customers, and staff will be amazed at the difference!