19th April 2012
Hello John
The payment certificate (including the epoxy floors done to date) was only issued to PW for payment on Monday. Normally, they pay within 7 days after receipt of the certificate.
We will have an intake of nearly 400 troops on 8/5/2012. It is of the utmost importance that the bungalows are finished. I therefore urge Reon to complete the work a.s.a.p. I am sure that he will be paid as soon as Manie received payment. Please do not delay the process.
From a quality point of view, the client is so impressed with the flooring that they want to do the remainder of the flooring in the bungalows as well – as I suggested to them from day 1.
I am currently comparing the cost with the availability of funds.
Furthermore, it may well be that we will be using F……… for the kitchen of Mess 2.
Reon may spend quite a while of his time on this site!
Kobus W……… Q ………… quantity Surveyors & project managers 082 ……
(full details omitted for privacy purposes; available on request)

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