Commercial flooring should be able to stand up to high human and machine traffic. With the demands of cleaning protocols and the general rigours of daily use depending on the specific application, while remaining clean and attractive to users and customers.
Epoxy coating for all purpose floors and applying on concrete is designed to create the most attractive, hard wearing, easy to maintain and durable floors for commercial applications. Read on below to find out how epoxy paints deliver better results than concrete flooring in a variety of industrial applications.

Highly Resistant

Epoxy floor coating is known to be resistant to just about anything, including abrasion. The hard-wearing nature makes them an excellent option for commercial applications. These include warehouses and any other facilities where there is a high foot or vehicle traffic. Including steel-wheeled forklifts, garages, boats and kitchens to name some are the norms.
In manufacturing and warehouse facilities where chemical spills are frequent, these chemical-resistant floors offer a lot of value. Epoxy floors are also excellent for garages where transmission fluid, oil and gasoline spills are everyday.
Since Epoxy flooring is also resistant to saltwater, it can be used in creating highly protective surfaces in boats and other marine applications.


Medical and food handling facilities are governed by demanding standards of hygiene. Epoxy flooring can be used to create a seamless floor surface that does not harbour any form of dirt or germs. This goes a long way towards ensuring that such facilities meet these strict hygiene guidelines.
Furthermore, epoxy flooring can be able to survive the use of the harshest cleaning procedures needed to create a germ-free environment , for an extended period, with minimal deterioration.
In restaurant kitchens, where spills are frequent, epoxy floors prevent the occurrence of permanent staining as well.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Proper maintenance and cleaning are essential when it comes to keeping commercial floors from looking old and dingy. Epoxy flooring requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean. The seamless floor surface created can be swept or mopped effortlessly, giving it a clean and polished look. In the same breath, this type of flooring also stands up well to the harshest cleaning products and methods, where necessary. The same cannot be said for concrete floors.

Non-Slip Surface

Epoxy flooring helps create non-slip surfaces. From medical, food processing, marine, garage and even warehouse applications, among others, this flooring option can be used to reduce slipping hazards. Thus create a much safer environment for both workers and customers.

Styling Options

In the world of business, unique styling is necessary, especially for branding purposes. Epoxy flooring is available in a variety of colours and finishes. This means that your commercial floors can be finished to match your branding and styling preferences through the integration of brand colours, logos and patterns into the flooring.
As you can see from the above, epoxy flooring is associated with several general safety benefits as compared to other flooring options, such as concrete. This makes it a suitable choice for most commercial applications.