Epoxy Grout and Epoxy Mortar

Epoxy Mortar and epoxy grout serve different purposes. Both are a cement-based product, so they harden, and are used for the purposes of masonry and tile work, although they vary with the size of the aggregates that they contain (for example, sand and stone) and the amount of water that is added to the mix.
Mortar is placed in the joints between bricks or blocks, while someone laying tiles will prepare a mortar bed for the tiles to stick to.
Grout, on the other hand, is intended to flow. It has a higher water content than mortar and a mason, using this filler product, will fill the cores of a CMU with grout. Someone laying tiles will use grout to fill the spaces between the tile after the mortar has cured.
There are many variations in both products, so it is very important to choose the right one for the intended purpose. Browse the products below and contact me if you are not sure.

  • Ivory 318/30 is an epoxy pourable grout that is used for grouting under machine bases and grouting bolts.
  • Ivory 328 is an epoxy tile grout that is water wipeable and very useful for chemical resistant tile joints.
  • Flowcem VS functions as a vertical skim epoxy topping. It is a water dispersed epoxy modified cement sealing mortar.
  • Ivory Conrep Bondex is a water dispersable, cementitious powder that is used for concrete repair priming.
  • Ivory Conrep SF 65 is handy for tank and machine bases, as it is a flowable, non-shrink cementitious epoxy grout.
  • Ivory Conrep is a cementitious epoxy mortar and super plaster that has an extremely rapid cure rate of
    3OmPa in 24 hours.This product is a ready-to-use, multi-purpose repair mortar and useful for rapid floor or stairway repair.
Product Type Uses Data Sheet
Ivory 315 F Epoxy pasteFine fairing epoxy paste.
Ivory 318Epoxy liquidGeneral purpose thrixotropic laminating resin for tank linings, boat repairs and laminating polystyrene.
Ivory 319
Hi Bond
Epoxy adhesiveHigh performance flexible adhesive for bonding all types of steel, including stainless.
Ivory 319 TAQEpoxy masticQuick-set general purpose epoxy adhesive for industrial tiling and bonding concrete, fibreglass etc.
Ivory 320Epoxy pasteUnfilled, thixotropic general purpose epoxy adhesive for wood to wood, GRP, steel etc.
Ivory Matrix LREpoxy liquidHigh performance resin for glass reinforced composites.
AquapasteEpoxy pasteGeneral purpose adhesive and skimming paste. Water wipeable and convenient mix ratio 1:1.
Ivory 312Road stud adhesiveFixing 'cats eyes', creating rumble strips, bonding concrete curbs to asphalt.
Flowflex HMPolyurethane joint sealantHigh modulus polyurethane joint sealant for concrete and resin screed joints.