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Here you will find various solvent-free and solvent-based primers that are fully washable, UV resistant, non-staining, anti-fungal interior and exterior coatings for plaster, asbestos and galvanised surfaces. The Ivocryl Straw Primer and Ivocryl Top Coat Gloss form a duplex coating system to galvanised surfaces. They  are extensively used on cellular communication masts and towers. In addition, they result in a high-quality acrylic sheen finish for roofs or epoxy walls.
Flowprime/Flowprime 303 is an epoxy primer also used for epoxy floors and various grades of solvent-free and solvent-based primers are available.
Ivory 402 features as a single-pack polyurethane that is ideal as a hardener and anti-dust coating, used on both concrete and wooden floors. It also provides a protective lining for shutter boards.
Concrecote is a high-performance acrylic coating that has crack bridging elastomeric properties. These protect concrete structures.

Stericoat is a fully washable anti-fungal acrylic coating. Further, it is UV resistant, does not stain, and provides an interior and exterior coating for plaster, asbestos and galvanised surfaces.
Super Satin is a water-dispersed polyurethane that gives a satin finish to concrete, wood and epoxy surfaces. It is clear, tough and scuff resistant.
Flowthane functions as a PU/acrylic water-based coating that provides a clear acrylic dressing for unglazed tiles, concrete surfaces and brick work.
Texture Plast is a skimming plaster compound that performs very well and is designed to provide total protection on structures that have been constructed from porous substrates.
Ivocryl is an acrylic duplex coating system. Together, Ivocryl Straw Primer and Ivocryl Top Coat Gloss form a duplex coating system to galvanised surfaces. This product is extensively used on cellular communication masts and towers.
Read more about our top-quality primers for epoxy walls below, 10 of which appear in the chart.


ProductType Description & Use Data Sheet
Ivory 31 7 Hi WearEpoxy wear liningEpoxy system containing graded ceramic fillers. A wear lining applied at various thickness onto plant and equipment to protect against abrasion.Get Data Sheet
Ivory 31 7 LV WearcoteWear resistant epoxy coatingProtection of steel surfaces from erosion by abrasive liquids and slurries. Brushable viscosity.Get Data Sheet
Ivory 338 LRHigh chemical resistant epoxy resinUsed as coating or glass reinforced laminate to protect concrete and steel structures and bund areas from chemical attack.Get Data Sheet
Ivory 340Solvent free epoxy coatingProtective internal lining of oil and fuel storage tanks. Protection of steel in chemical environments. Vapour proof coating for polystyrene insulation.Get Data Sheet
Ivory 340 FGSolvent free food grade epoxy coatingLining for concrete and steel structures in contact with food or potable water.Get Data Sheet
Ivory 340/5/LV Low viscosity epoxy resinLow viscosity penetrating epoxy resin for wood and concrete surfacesGet Data Sheet
Ivory 348Moisture tolerant epoxy resinMoisture tolerant epoxy resin for use with glass reinforcing, silica fillers or as a primer on high moisture surfaces and under humid conditions.Get Data Sheet
Ivory 366Epoxy primerZinc Phosphate primer for ferrous metal surfacesGet Data Sheet
Flowguard HB PrimerSurface tolerant epoxy primerHigh solid, surface tolerant anti-corrosive metal primerGet Data Sheet

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