Some of the many epoxy, polyurethane and speciality coatings we supply and install

Our Epoxy guide has many different coatings, each one of them made to meet certain requirements during service. However, they have general characteristics. The most important being:


  •  Good water resistance
  • Good adhesion to the substrate
  • Good chemical, acid resistance
  • Very good alkali resistance
  • High resistance to mechanical damage
  • Strong durability
  • Temperature resistant up to 120 C ( lower or higher for certain systems)
  • Some systems approved for potable water tanks and in contact with food
  • High solids content with low VOC possible


  • Poor resistance to UV rays: chalks in sunlight after time
  • Application and curing depends on the temperature (normally above +10oC) winter grades available down to -5oC
  • It is difficult to overcoat cured epoxy without prior consultation
  • They are two-component products and therefore require good mixing and may give increased wastage
  • Moderate resistance to certain acids
  • Can cause allergies
  • Require knowledge to be used correctly

Epoxy to Specialist Epoxy & Polyurethane Flooring for a wide Range of Environments

Are you looking for a floor covering option that fulfils the demands of a commercial 0r industrial environment?

Or are you seeking a floor surface for a commercial area that makes a bold style declaration underfoot?
Attaining the proper balance in between visual appeals, performance, cost, longevity, toughness and instalment needs is often hard to juggle – that’s where we will assist!
Epoxyman is an Approved Applicator for Flowcrete South Africa, who  are a world leaders in the manufacture of smooth resin floor coatings. We have actually earned a reputation as The Epoxy & Polyurethane Experts, with an enthusiasm for establishing remedies that obtain the requiring service disorders and performance criteria required by the commercial production industries, and also polyurethane flooring finishes that make an inviting atmosphere in commercial showrooms. Just what’s more, our assortment of solutions which includes specialist surfaces that have been developed to cater for automobile parking garages, areas sensitive to chemical attack, electronic manufacturing plants (anti-static) and areas where hygiene is essential.

Our passion for accomplishing quality in floor covering technology means that not simply are our flooring finishes of the finest, but we could likewise give the right advice to sustain and maintain your flooring. In addition to our wide variety of seamless material floor covering options, Flowcrete South Africa, our main supplier likewise offer a complete range of grouts & mortars, adhesives, resins, protective finishes, linings and environment friendly cleaning chemicals.