Polyurethane Flooring ….

Polyurethane Floors, usually installed in industrial premises where food products especially wet manufacturing,
like beverages, beer, dairy products and wines. Loading bays and areas where high impact occurs become
candidates a polyurethane coating especially when there is a large volume of traffic by the movement of
goods on pallets, trucks, etc.

Polyurethane flooring has various levels of slip resistance which customised to customers specific needs.
The Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Medical, food, chemical, beverage and electronics industries have incredibly
demanding hygienic standards. These industries require entirely dust free and effortlessly cleanable floors,
without angled or cracked corners.

Polyurethane flooring
Polyurethane floors chemical resistant

A Coating of a  resin floor will offer heavy-duty surfaces that are ideal for nearly all industrial settings
and used where a seamless epoxy resin flooring solution is necessary. Moreover, the epoxy resin flooring is easy
to clean, and they have very little or no odour while being applied. There are many other features,
like slip resistant, chemical resistance, seamless, non-dusting plus, etc.

Where a seamless polyurethane flooring solution is required  Flowfresh RT is an antifungal, antibacterial
polyurethane resin floor screed which is heavy duty and chemical resistant,  providing a textured coloured floor finish.
Flowfresh RT incorporates Polygiene® – a performance based antimicrobial which inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, moulds and mildew.

Industrial Floors

Industrial floors are required to strengthen concrete and resist extreme conditions. Usually, concrete floors of any
business will experience an elevated level of stress day by day. Polyurethane flooring has established to be
tremendously reliable in this application. It is because this type of flooring shows an excellent abrasion resistance.
This polyurethane flooring has excellent chemical resistance and pressure resistance. Furthermore, the flooring has a
good Light and has excellent resistance to all types of weather.


polyurethane flooringFor many applications, complimentary or other products will be required. The recommendation of the product counts
largely on the exact requirements of your particular environment.

We are polyurethane experts and will assist you in finding the most appropriate product.