A large selection of epoxy adhesives.

Epoxyman carries a large selection of epoxy adhesives, including those used on mortar, wood and steel.  Our range is extensive and includes:
Epoxy paste, which is invaluable for fine faring.
It can be used for almost anything and is an essential accessory for anyone’s toolbox.

We also stock a quick-set, general purpose epoxy adhesive that is especially produced for industrial tiling and for efficient bonding of concrete and fibreglass.

Laminating Resin

The general purpose epoxy adhesive, thrixotropic laminating resin, provides an enduring lamination.In effect a waterproof coating, for tank linings and boat repairs.
Another product that has a great waterproofing quality is aquapaste. Which is a general purpose adhesive and epoxy skimming paste. It is water wipeable and possesses a convenient mix ratio of 1:1.

Epoxy paste (Ivory 320) is an unfilled, thixotropic epoxy adhesive that has a wide range of purposes and is applied to wood, GRP and steel.
In addition, our sought after high bond, high performance flexible adhesives are available for heavy-duty bonding of all types of steel, including stainless steel.

The road stud adhesive can be relied upon to fix ‘cats eyes’, create rumble strips, and bond concrete curbs to asphalt.
Another one of our products is the high modulus polyurethane joint sealant, which
is very effective as a sealant on concrete and resin screed joints.

As you can see from the above, our range of epoxies is extensive. Please take a look at the chart below to choose an adhesive that is suited to the task at hand.
Most of these reliable, high-quality products can be purchased directly from our online store. If you cannot find the product you need, give us a call and we will source it for you without delay.

ProductType Uses Data Sheet
Flowseal EPWWater based epoxy enamel for floors &wallsenamel for floors &walls. Suitable for almost any domestic use
Flowcopat SF41 Highbuild Non Solvent based epoxy Durable high chemical resistant epoxy floor coating
FlowprimeUniversal primer a universal epoxy primer for use on concrete or plaster surfaces
Ivory 402single pack polyurethaneFloor hardener and anti dusting coating for concrete and wooden floors. Protective lining for shutter boards
StericoatAnt fungal acrylic coating Fully washable UV resistant,non staining, anti fungal interior or exterior coating for plaster,asbestos and galvanised surface.
Super SatinWater dispersed polyurethane A clear tough twin pack water dispersed polyurethane for concrete,wood and epoxy surfaces
Ivocryl Acrylic duplex coating systemivocryl straw primer & Ivocryl Topcoat Gloss form a duplex coating system for galvanised surfaces.Used extensively on cellular communication masts and towers
Aquapaste Epoxy Paste General Purpose adhesive and skimming paste. Water wipe-able and 1:1 mix ratio
Flowcoat UV Twin Pack Polyurethane Sealer with excellent UV protectionConcrete Coating with high abrasion resistance