Epoxy Flooring


Industrial floors, polyurethane paints and hygiene paints by Epoxyman Industrial Coatings (EIC).

We offer Turnkey Solutions of high performance adhesive paint, commercial flooring, wall, hygiene and roof paint systems throughout South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are now able to service your needs for industrial paints, industrial floors and linings throughout Africa;

Algeria, Angola, Botswana, Benin, Cameroon, Congo, DRC (Congo), Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and more.

Floor Coating

As a product, this is rapidly gaining popularity for commercial, industrial and even residential facilities. These coatings are usually applied over concrete surfaces in order to provide a high performance, attractive surface. You are likely to see such floors in a variety of industrial and commercial establishments including warehouses, commercial offices, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing buildings, laboratories as well as food and beverage plants.

Commercial & Industrial

If you have a commercial or industrial facility then you might want to consider this type of adhesive coating. This is because of the many benefits it is associated with. Once applied it creates a high gloss, durable and hard wearing surface that is seamless and easy to clean.

Now supplying you with environment and user friendly speciality paint for surfaces and polyurethane paints and products.

We understand that you are concerned with completing a project on time and in proper order; especially with short shut-down windows and fast-track construction schedules. There are simply no exceptions to getting the job done; even more importantly, getting the job done right, because there is no second opportunity.

DIY Solution

We also have a limited range of DIY Adhesive products
We export  our product to all African destinations and Europe. Certified exporter and able to issue certificates entitling you to greatly reduced or no import duties
Supplier to United States, United Kingdom, Europe and many other countries.

We travel anywhere anytime.


So what does our heavy duty adhesive product consist of?

Two part paint coatings were developed for heavy duty service on … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epoxy   specific resins are also used for decorative surfaces …

Because we have the experience, we utilize and possess the most state-of-the-art materials and application methods.


Our Applicators are dedicated and well-trained for the job. They also understand that they need to go the extra mile on the work they do, because coming back is not an option.

When you are selecting a supplier and installer for heavy duty paint surfacing, adhesive wall coating system, polyurethane, hygiene coatings, concrete, or other related services, let Epoxyman prove to you that we are, hands down, the best in the industry


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